Friday, October 25, 2013

Boy Sentenced For Killing Nazi Father

He grew up in an abusive home with a Neo-Nazi father. When he was ten years old, he shot and killed his father and now he is facing the courts that will determine his fate.

He was not an innocent child. Raised in an abusive, hateful household, this young man attacked teachers, repeated the racist rhetoric his father taught him and was deemed out of control by an age most boys are riding their bikes and playing sports with their friends. Hist attorneys say he is better now that he receives regular therapy. He is controlling his rage and is regularly attending classes.

This case makes me so sad. It did not have to be this way. This boy likely would never have killed anyone had his father not taught him to do so through his indoctrination. Of course the boy must be punished - he took a life and that is not something that should be let go. But is it fair to take away his life, too?

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