Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Nomadic Soul

I often wonder where I would go if money was no object.

Would I move to Alaska and live on the island of Baranof? Sitka is phenomenally beautiful, secluded, naturalistic, and simple. I crave the oceans and the mountains, the rain and the sun, the bears and the eagles. The kind people and genuine culture could keep me happy for a long time.

Or would I move to Vegas? Would I enjoy the nightlife and the constant parties? Visit the desert and casinos?

Perhaps I could move back to Oregon or back to my family in Washington? Maybe Europe? Maybe I would just travel the world.

I am truly a nomad at heart. Even if I had no obstacles I am not sure I could decide on just one place. I want to go everywhere and see everything all the time.

But here I am. In Oklahoma. The one place I would never want to be.

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