Saturday, November 2, 2013

Enough With the Daylight Savings Time

Late tonight (or early tomorrow) it will be that time again. Time to adjust our clocks back an hour to make up for that day last Spring when we adjusted them forward an hour. It is time to end this archaic, outdated, and completely unnecessary process. 

When DST began it was intended to reduce energy consumption by maximizing daylight hours in the spring and summer. At the time it made sense. But it is not the 1900s anymore and as humans do not rely on photosynthesis for survival, we really do not need to be so concerned about maximizing daylight hours. 

So here are some reasons we should end DST

We don't save energy. When Indiana adopted DST statewide in 2006, a study began to determine if they saved energy in DST years over the previous non-DST years. The answer? No. People used less lights but more air conditioning. Guess which one uses more energy? Here's a hint: Imagine the difference in your electricity bill if you ran only your lights vs running only your a/c all day long. 

So if we aren't saving energy and the farmers don't like it and it is bad for our health....why the hell do we keep doing this? Don't get me wrong, I will glad for my "extra" hour of sleep but I would prefer to just keep it all the time rather than give it back up in the Spring. 

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